Saturday, January 17, 2009

UPDATE: Well - the good news is the heat exchange is broken - however, it's under warranty - so all we have to do is pay a set rate for labor. The bad news is...they can't order the new exchange until Monday, and it will be a few days before it comes in. So, we are without heat in part of the house until then.

We did get a fire going in the fireplace, and the sun has been out today and it's really warmed up inside to a decent temp. Tonight will be when the chill sets in. Note to self: set faucet on drip so the water pipes don't freeze!

We woke up this morning to no heat downstairs. The 2 bedrooms upstairs are on a separate unit, which is blowing hot air continually, since the thermostat is on the outside wall of the bedrooms - and therefore is feeling the cold air from down below.

We had a fire in the fireplace last night, so DH thought he would start a fire this morning. The living room immediately started filling with smoke from the log. The flue is open, nothing different since last night, so he put that out really quick.

There was no cold water in the kitchen earlier, but it has since started running. I think the hot water from the dishwasher must have warmed up whatever was frozen.

We put the dog out this morning, and 30 minutes later I realized she hadn't asked to come back in. Her leash had broken and she was off the front deck. Luckily she was still in the yard, she wasn't telling where she had been though.

Luckily, we have a repairman coming today for the heater - and oh yes, we have little flakes of snow coming down outside. It must be bay effect sprinkles, because according to the weatherman, it was clear and sunny. The sun IS shining, the flakes look like specks of glitter or fairy dust falling. That was enough to brighten my day.

I need to go to the store since I'm hoping to make a big pot of soup and bread. However, given the way things have gone this morning, I'm not sure I should start the car!!!!! LOL



Missy Ann said...

(((Suz))) I'll keep my fingers crossed for a quick and cheap! repair.