Saturday, January 24, 2009

The picture above reminds me of the song "Morning has Broken". DH snapped it one morning this week as he was leaving. We've had some great sunrises this past week!

Yes, we do have heat again..finally and thankfully! Sorry to leave you hanging. Heat was repaired Wednesday. We hadn't been spending a lot of time in the main part of the house while the heat was out, so no computer updates from me!!

Wednesday night, as I was cleaning the kitchen up, I heard a strange hSSSSSSSSSSSSSing sound. It was coming from the laundry room. The hose to the washer broken - I guess it froze up and cracked. So, that is on our list for this morning to fix. There's a boatload of laundry needing done, so it's a *must do* for today!

Last night was family time for us! DS needed a book, so we went to Barnes and Noble. Then we walked to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. We had never been there before, but WOW! DH proclaimed the wings were some of the best he's had - I can't remember the 2 sauces he had them prepared with. I had a chicken tender wrap which was yummy, along with onion rings which were piping hot and really good. DS said he now has a new favorite chicken sandwich! The place was cheaper than Ruby Tuesday's when we eat there, and they offered us refill diet cokes to go before we left. DH was in heaven with that! LOL

Have you ever bought anything from I made my first purchase this week - it's already arrived and is really nice! I'm in a stitching exchange and needed a bag to put everything in.....I was looking for particular colors and found something that fit perfectly. I also ordered a few goodies from an online cross stitch shop. As the days passed, I was getting antsy that my order wouldn't show up in time for me to put together and mail. Well, yesterday the e-mail came that the order had been shipped! YAY So, I may have a bit of extra time to get it together before mailing - I'm so excited and hope the recipient likes everything. I'll try and remember to take pictures before mailing and then post after she receives it!!

Hope ya'll have a great day!


Missy Ann said...

This month I was reading a magazine (? which one) and they rated Buffalo Wild Wings #1.

Etsy is my personal crack. I have pages & pages of favorite items and favorite sellers. In fact I just ordered a RAK two days ago from there.

Sara said...

Buffalo Wild Wings is one of our favorite places too. Their teriyaki wings are awesome:) I believe you can buy the sauces by the bottle if you'd like some for home too.