Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yesterday was quite FUN! We shopped till we dropped.

MIL and I headed to Williamsburg to the Outlets. Coldwater Creek was our first stop (it usually is)! The whole store was 50% off, and some items were 70% off. We racked up the sales. I bought 3 jackets and 3 blouses there. MIL bought a few things too. Mine I can wear to work, so I'm thrilled - since my wardrobe lately has been severely lacking in things that fit.

Next up was Kirkland's. I bought 3 picture frames (4 x 6) size for $7.99 for all three. MIL bought BIL/SIL's anniversary gift or Christmas gift for next year (it's PERFECT for them), and picture frames. I hit up a shoe store and bought a pair of comfy black shoes I can wear to work with pants. They are Naturalizers and feel SO DARN GOOD on my feet.

We then hit up Liz Claiborne. I bought 2 pairs of gloves and 2 scarves. They were 50% off of the marked price, plus buy 3 get 1 free. I got all of those for $20.

We then left that mall (Prime Outlets) and headed up the road to the indoor mall. We went to the Lee jeans place - didn't buy anything there, Vanity Fair where MIL bought, Hanes/Bali where we both spent $ and Sag Harbor (yes, I managed to find a few things there too). We browsed thru a few other stores, (Avon, Christmas, Dress Barn) and had lunch.

I had $200 cash when I left, and came home with $31.00. It was a GREAT day! LOL I was surprised that some of the stores weren't having big sales, while others were. Dress Barn was really disappointing, they had a few racks of sale items, but everything else was regular priced. Coldwater Creek was by far the BEST place, plus the sales ladies were super nice and helpful - even when the store was really BUSY.

MIL and I try and make this a semi-annual event at least. Usually during the week after Christmas, and another time during the year when I take off work. It gives us some much needed gal time, away from the husbands for a day.



Carol said...

I'm so envious Suzanne! My favorite stores there are the Gap Outlet and Le Gourmet Chef. Oh, who am I kidding, I love them all!