Saturday, December 27, 2008

We had a lovely Christmas, and reading online, it seems a lot of others did too! Some of you had some family drama, and for that, I sympathize with you...truly I do. That is NOT a fun time, and not what Christmas is about!

I do have some pictures for you! This first one was taken on Christmas Eve. The weather here was nice (although a bit cool). DH and I took the dog for a much needed run on the beach. I snapped a few pictures, and really like this one:

This next one is of baby D. He was born Dec 1 - our newest nephew. He was hanging out after being fed. I managed to give him his bottle of mom juice 2 days in a row. What FUN!

Next we have T (D's big brother). He was playing with his new Little People farm that Uncle Rusty and I gave him for Christmas. It sure was fun having little ones around throughout the holidays. We saw our other nephew, C last weekend - and that was a fun time too.

Here is DS, watching C. DS actually got down on the floor and played with C and his farm. LOL Not having any siblings, DS sometimes has a hard time interacting with the little ones. But the older the nephews get, the more DS gets involved. Yeah, his shirt says it all! LOL

Here, DS is opening one of his presents. I bought him some night vision goggles that he had seen. We all had fun going out and looking in the woods out back to see what we could see. The dog looks really weird thru the goggles. LOL

We went to Christmas Eve service Wednesday night, then the whole family came over for snacks. Christmas day my MIL cooked breakfast for the clan. I woke up with a migrane, so stayed home, got some of the dinner going, took a migraine pill and went back to bed for a bit. Felt much better after that. Everyone came over for dinner around 4:00 and we all had a fun time together. It was great being with the family.

Yesterday I did NOTHING - and it felt wonderful!!! I finally did a few loads of laundry today and we went out tonight to Target. Not much else going on.


Susan said...

It sounds like we were both under the weather on Christmas Day, Suz!

I'm glad you had a nice Christmas otherwise!