Friday, December 19, 2008

Random musings

I'm ready to see the sun shine. It's been hidden all week, and probably will be thru the weekend.

For those of you getting snow, I'm envious (I know, I'm crazy, right)? We rarely get snow here and since I grew up in WV, well, I really miss it at times. If it's gonna be cold, dreary and rainy, I'd rather have snow....and I want enough to where I can stay home and not have to get out and go to work in it! Which around here, it doesn't take much snow for the roads to become parking lots. LOL

So far this year, we've received lots of presents from various doctors. Some want to make sure the credentialing people stay happy. The ED docs sent us a huge basket of goodies, which we divided up; the radiology group sent each of us a Harry and David 3 tiered goodie box, I also received a Christmas CD, and a Rowena's lemon pound cake. Really, they can stop now, my 10 pound weight gain over the holidays is rapidly approaching! LOL

DH made it in to GA last night and will be traveling home today. It's a good thing he's not flying, with the airport delays all over the country due to the weather. He's in love with the rental truck they gave him (Ford something or other).

With my fender bender, I'm responsible for the first $500 (deductible). I have an appt on the 31st to get my car looked at.

Need to get my Christmas dinner menu finalized. Found out last night other BIL/SIL who weren't coming down for Christmas, will be here now on Christmas Eve. They are the ones with the new baby, and T. I have no idea what to get BIL for Christmas. DH is goin to have to take care of that M-W next week. LOL

I need to get off here and start on carpet cleaning. It's 5:46 a.m.



Susan said...

I would seriously love to send you some snow. It's only the first official day of winter today, and I think we've already had 8 snow "events" (whatever that means!)

We've got blizzard conditions this morning - temperatures into the -30's if you take into account the windchill.

I can't wait for winter to be done!