Saturday, October 04, 2008

My Pampered Chef party was today. It turned out really well! I had 10 people here, which had over $600 in sales, plus 4 bookings. So, now I have more shows to attend - YAY. The best thing is, when I go to the booking shows, I'm eligible for the host items too. In November, the stonewear will be 60% off for the host. 2 of my bookings are in November (WOOHOO). DH just shakes his head! LOL

The consultant fixed quiche lorraine tarts. They were really good. I also had some cheese, crackers, grapes, Paula Deen's almond chicken salad and also her apple crisp. Both recipes turned out really good. The amond chicken salad was exceptionally good. I added a bit of green onions to it, and since I doubled the recipe, I halved the mayo, and used 1/2 miracle whip. I also added 2 shakes of Texas Pete hot sauce. LOL The apple crisp was yummy, and served with vanilla ice cream, it really hit the spot.

We've been munching on leftovers all day. HAHA