Saturday, September 27, 2008

A busy day today! We had our nor-easter on Wed, Thursday and Friday morning. Thursday night was a bit worrisome. We were surrounded by water! Not as high as we've ever seen it, but still. Our neighbors had 6 inches of water in their garage. Our lot is a bit higher, we didn't get water in our garage, but it did get to the back steps of the deck in the backyard, (the yard was completely covered) and in the front it started up the driveway on the side. I did take some pictures, I'm currently charging the camera battery.

So, today was clean-up outside. Once the water receded, it left a bunch of dead grass, leaves and other junk. We had cleared off the deck, so getting the furniture back out there was essential! However, the mosquitos are HORRID right now, and sitting outside in the evenings won't be happening until the mosquitos decide to go away. LOL

Inside the house, we've been busy also. We purchased new ceiling fans several weeks ago, and today was the day they were installed. They looks amazing. DH and I didn't agree on the style of ceiling fan, I wanted a more "modern" look, but DH's decision won (do you KNOW HOW HARD that was for me to let him make the decision)???? Anyway, I have to agree, they do look wonderful. I'll post pictures of those too soon.

The coming week Saturday, I have a Pampered Chef party scheduled. If anyone is interested in any of their products, let me know and I'll send you a link to the online catalog for my show. I'm very excited about hosting the show, and already have a few orders to go towards it.

Tomorrow is church and then we will be home to watch racing and football! A nice relaxing afternoon after a busy Saturday will be just what I need. Hopefully a bit of stitching time will be had while the race and football games are on!



Susan said...

It definitely sounds scary, Suz - I can't wait to see pictures.

I'm glad you're happy with the ceiling fans - I know it's tough to let husbands make decorating decisions!

Good luck with the Pampered Chef party!