Thursday, April 24, 2008

A momma mourning dove has decided to take roost again underneath our deck. Last year, they built a nest at the other end of the deck. This year, it's by the steps - and we spook momma very time we open the door or go up or down the stairs. She'll have to get used to that pretty quick! LOL
Yesterday, we were without cable, internet or phone (Yay)~ Since DS was off work and DH couldn't get anything done due to no internet or phone....we snuck off to the beach for a couple of hours. Going down wasn't looking too promising... - foggy and it turned a bit cool on the drive down, and was really windy.
But, once we made it to the end, the fog bank blew on thru and it ended up being quite sunny!

DH and DS had a great time kite flying, and Nina enjoyed herself running after the kite. I love this picture above, except for the plastic gun DS found to play with! Good grief! LOL You can also see another fog bank out over the bay. We decided to pack up a little bit later. We were there long enough for me to get nice pink arms and a nice pink face! When we arrived home, the cable was working, so there was TV, and phone and internet came back on by 5:00. Luckily, DS had until midnight to get 2 papers submitted for college - and found out he has until the 30th to submit his test! So, we had a great, GREAT day together as a family!

We also had one tired pup last night......LOL

Today, MIL and I are off to Williamsburg for a day of shopping at the Outlet Malls...............and maybe a visit to the Yankee Candle store (repeat after me..... Vera Bradley....Vera Bradley....Vera Bradley....)....


Vonna said... changed your template...didn't you?! Love it!
Hurray for a fun family day in the sand and sun!
And hurray for shopping in Williamsburg and I'm repeating your litany!