Monday, March 24, 2008

One more, then I'm done....PROMISE! I have things to do around the house today.

An actual stitching update though! I want to finish this before I get started on Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. Here is my current progress on Mildred's Garden House by Blackbird Designs. My grandma that raised me, her name was Mildred, and she LOVED to garden. So when I saw this design, I just had to stitch it in her memory. (sorry for the loud flash)!
I ran out of one of the WDW's colors to finish the house. The pattern didn't call for 2 skeins, but dang if I don't need another one. I won't be going back to the LNS until Apr 19, so I'll work on everything else until then.


Susan said...

What color WDW do you need, Suz? I can check with my room-mate, to see if she has it. No promises, though - she doesn't have all the colors, but I'd be happy to help out if I can.