Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I hope everyone had a wonderful and Merry Christmas! We did! We are home now, and enjoying a good "down time" day. DH and DS sneaked off to the movies. Nina and I are here enjoying the quiet of the house, and the rain outside. It's a good, lazy day! LOL
We had a wonderful time with DH's family. My SIL wore herself out cooking, she had her recipes all lined up, her menu list written out, and off she went. The babies were absolutely FUN. I took a TON of pictures and am uploading them as I'm typing this. So I will show some off later.

A few funny moments....MIL and I exchanged the same book with each other (the new Jan Karon one); and DH and I gave each other bibles. He had mine tucked inside a Vera Bradley book fits perfectly and I couldn't have asked for a nicer gift. He also bought me 2 other Vera Bradley items. He did GOOD. LOL He said he almost teared up when he realized I had bought him a bible too - he had really needed a NEW one, and this is a NIV version. I really wanted to buy him a KJV/NIV parallel bible, but couldn't find one I liked in a leather bound cover.

My SIL made a gorgeous lazy susan with a mermaid on it. Two Christmas ago (maybe 3), I cross stitched her a mermaid. She had seen me working on it over the summer and told DS to drop a hint that she would LOVE to have one like that stitched for her. I'm not overly generous with my big stitched pieces, they take a long time to stitch and it's definitely a labor of love. DS even commented to her at the time, 'yeah, if she ever FINISHES one' LOL. SIL is very crafty herself, and certainly understands the level of work that goes into a piece, so I joyously gave it to her at Christmas. Since I was taking pictures, I didn't get one of the lazy susan, so I will take one once it is unpacked to show y'all.

Tomorrow is back to work for me. DH will be taking Nina to the vet. We noticed a lump on her Sunday and it has me very concerned. Tomorrow was the first vet appointment we could get, so we have been watching her very closely. We returned home last night, versus today....Vinny (DS's friend) wasn't feeling very well to start with and he had an allergic reaction to SIL's cats - who stay in their basement - it's the fun place to be with a big movie room, another big TV to play video games on, and a pool table. So, he and DS were going to come back last night anyway. DH and I decided it might be better for us to come back too - I'm glad we did. Traffic was really heavy on I-95 and then I-64 from Richmond down was bumper to bumper going about 50 mph. Very strange. However since it is windy and rainy today, I'm glad we did come home early (and could sleep in our own bed - BLISS)! LOL MIL/FIL are coming home today.
I need to run get some laundry started, more later.