Monday, September 24, 2007

We had a good weekend! Saturday DH and I went to Williamsburg, where I spent $$$ at The Yankee Candle store. Not on Yankee Candles, but on Vera Bradley goodies! My dad had sent me $ for my birthday, which was Friday, so I spent all that and then some! I also bought a couple of gifts for 2 of my co-workers that have helped me tremendously during this work cycle.
We then went to the Big and Tall dudes shop where DH bought a couple of things, and then I hit up the Sag Harbor outlet. We didn't make it by Coldwater Creek, but that's ok, after my adventure at The Yankee Candle store, I was out of funds (and pooped)! LOL

Today, I had to have my BP and cholesterol read for work. My employer ( a healthcare system) is starting this program where if you have 2 or more health risks, you have to have a "health coach" and work to improve your health, or your insurance premiums will be higher!!! SOOOOO, since I already know I'm overweight, today my BP was a bit high. I came back to the office and called my doctor's office, Wed I get a physical (YUCK) to include a PAP - Public Svc Announcement ladies: get a PAP every year and get a mammogram if you are of the age it's recommended - and monthly self breast exams!!!!!

If the thought of $$ coming out of my pocket for higher insurance premiums because of my weight isn't incentive enough to get me to lose some (and become healthier in the process), I don't know what is!!

One of DH and my favorite shows starts tonight - DANCING WITH THE STARS! We've had to do some strategic planning, with Heroes starting again tonight and then the requisite "wrasslin" that the boys watch...but I think we have our bases covered!!!!!

Oh yes, I did stitch yesterday during the Nascar race. I worked on Winter Queen and broke out the Wisper thread!! I'd been putting it off and putting it off, but finally reached the point where I needed to stitch with it.....YUCK.



Susan said...

Happy belated birthday, Suzanne.

Good luck with the weight loss! Thanks also for the PSA. I'm afraid that I'm really lax about taking care of those pesky exams.

Sara said...

Sounds like you got some great birthday goodies:)

Your company isn't the only one- I think ours is going to start something similar as well. This year they offered a $10 a month drop in insurance rates if we took a health survey and I'm just waiting for them to add more to the program next year to target the unhealthy which will include me too.