Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's weird looking out the front door and seeing a huge yellow John Deere backhoe sitting in your driveway! LOL We had the driveway dug out today, for pouring concrete tomorrow. I would post a picture, but DH is on the computer that has the camera cable hooked up to it. The 3 of us are parking beside the house tonight on the road that runs beside the house - well, it's an alley really...full of sand! LOL But someone does live down at the end of it - boy, won't THEY be surprised when they get home today!

Those of you who are SAHM's, don't think badly of me....but I am not the world's best housekeeper. When I'm home, I'd rather be spending time with the family or running down to the beach with DH or relaxing with a good book, etc than cleaning. My house was getting awful though, so I found someone on Craigslist that was advertising cleaning services. Miss Emily and her partner are AWESOME! They came two weeks ago and did a deep cleaning - I was embarassed and told them so up front. They came again today. DH said they told him it looked like I had cleaned up before they got here - um NO, but I've been trying to keep things picked up and not too messed up. I asked DH if he told them "no, she didn't clean up, but she sure won't let me MESS up"! HAHA (no, he didn't)!! But, they are the BOMB! Now, I don't have to spend my Saturdays cleaning house and trying to get everything done I need to, plus spend quality time with my guys. I've certainly been less stressed and happier!! Now I do still have some clutter to work on, and I've taken a few shelves in the computer room and tackled them. The closets REALLY need to be worked on.

Our new pastor has moved into his new office, so it looks like he will be ready to hit the ground running on Monday! We are having a Thank You covered dish (LOL we ARE Baptist after all) for the interim pastor and his wife on Sunday.

I need to go fix dinner! I'm feeling somewhat mexican tonight. I have some tortillas, and diced chicken, so I'm thinking soft tacos - with a bit of cheese, sour cream and salsa! YUM