Sunday, September 02, 2007

This guy took a liking to us today at the beach. Well, probably not to us, as much as the cake we had. It wasn't but a small piece of white cake, and he wanted some of it. LOL

The beach was awesome this afternoon, but the water was really rough. DH and I went out twice in the water and it was cold when we got out. The sun sure was hot and helped warm us up. We left Nina at home, and she was NONE too pleased.

We hit up BJ's after church today, so I'm making nachos for dinner and the race is on tonight also! WOO We are excited to think that NEXT weekend, we will be AT the races watching them live and in person!



Sara said...

I hope you have a wonderful time at the races next week!! We did have a great time, it was nice to be at a night race and not have to deal with the heat even though we were out in it most of the afternoon anyway to see all the other sites. I'll try to get some Bristol pics up for you soon, our internet connection has been too stinking slow lately! Take lots of pics when you go!