Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It's back to school here in VA! We made sure to leave a few minutes early to get to work today so we wouldn't hit the school bus traffic. With one road in, and a two lane one at that...if you get behind the school bus, it's a sloooow ride up Beach Rd. LOL

I must say, there's one thing I have NOT missed (with DS being in college). It's that day one of having a pound o papers to complete and sign. The same ones each year, with the SAME info. With college, we didn't have to do that! WOO Tonight, I'm sitting here reading the blogs and surfing (granted I'm sure there's loads of other things I COULD be doing), but I don't have the stack of papers that MUST be turned back in tomorrow for extra credit, or a special treat.

We stayed away from the beach yesterday. I was just a tad too RED to go back. LOL Not sure what happened Sunday afternoon - we weren't out there any longer than on Friday or Saturday, but I managed to get a nice sunburn. I had on sunglasses and I now have raccoon eyes...You can definitely tell where my sunglass line was! LOL

DS and V are over working on DH's truck. They are getting it ready for the trip to Richmond this weekend. It's RACE weekend in VA! WOOHOO. The truck managed to get new spark plugs, oil/filter change, some fuel thingy changed, a new serpentine belt (all that was yesterday) and today it's getting new shocks - front and back. We went to Advance where V works and they gave us the employee discount. We should own stock in Advance as much as we have spent there the past few months. They are great though, and just about know all of us by name - it's kinda like family. DS wants to work there too, but only to unload the truck and stock the shelves - he's not much of a people person! LOL

I have to spend tomorrow over in Virginia Beach and it's going to be a looooooong day....starting at 7:00 am and going until at least 5:30 pm, plus the loooooong drive home. At that time of the day it will probably be an hour to an hour and a half drive home. YUCK