Friday, September 07, 2007

It's racin' in Richmond!! We're off!! WOOOOOO

Good luck Tony!!

Good luck Jeff!!

Good luck Jr!!

Good luck Bobby!

and here's hoping Kenny Wallace has an Awesome NIGHT driving the #88!! I'm so glad he's in the race - I just LOVE HIM!

OK, I think that covers everybody's favorites! LOL There's 6 of us going. The boys are already there and spending the night at a campground. DH didn't get home until LATE last night from Atlanta, and he had some catch up to day today, so we didn't make it up for the Busch race. DS took our tickets and sold them - at least he made $50 back! Which was fine - at least they were put to good use and that's $50 less that I have to give him tomorrow! HAHAHA
Catch ya'll later! Remember.....rubbin's racin!