Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Men and their toys

What is it about men? They always want a new toy to play with - I don't think they ever grow up! LOL Today, DS called me and said...come home, come HOME, it's here....you need to play! Well, I couldn't just pick up and leave right then, but soon thereafter, I did.
Anyone care to guess what the new toy is? Here are some hints....it's perfect to take to the beach, even the dog enjoys it, it's bigger than a breadbox, it's made of plastic and fiberglass, and hmmmmm, oh, it's white and blue!

It's work from home day tomorrow! WOO

DS had a good birthday, I guess! I asked him where he wanted to go for his birthday dinner....he said he wanted biscuits and gravy for dinner - with bacon - LOTS of bacon. (how's that for clogging up the ole arteries) So, we stayed home, and I fixed breakfast for dinner.....although I don't cook breakfast like that very often! LOL We had eggs, bacon, hash browns, biscuits and gravy with OJ to wash it all down with! Needless to say, I haven't had a lot to eat today! HAHA

We had a scare with the dog yesterday morning. She went out in the morning - I put her on her lead so she could go potty. Our backyard isn't fenced in, hence putting her on the lead. Well, there was a rabbit in the yard and she went after it. The lead is 30 ft long and she got to the end of it and it jerked her head over heels. I thought she had surely broken her neck. She made just a small yelp and laid there. What seemed like forever, but it was only a couple of seconds, she stood up. By that time I was down the steps and by her. Her eyes were completely squenched shut. I unhooked her and carried her upstairs - praise God she isn't too heavy. Made it in the house and yelled for DH. It took about 10 minutes before she actually had her eyes completely open again. We gave her some water and I just kept massaging her neck. Scared me HALF to death. By the time I left for work, she was jumping around for a treat.



Karin said...

Glad your dog is better - happy birthday to DS