Sunday, April 22, 2007

I picked up Paula's new book last weekend at BooksAMillion. It is a fun read, really shows her sense of humor. I did learn some new personal things about Miss Paula from the book. There are some recipes scattered about, and of course pictures of her, the boys and the rest of her family.

We spent a lot of time outside yesterday. It was just BEAUTIFUL here in VA. Today is the same. We have the windows open, and it is still cool in the house, with a breeze blowing. The boys did get the Jeep running yesterday, and it spent time on the road, making sure all was put together correctly. DS even took the rest of us for a ride (including the dog) with the top down. It was FUN...and Nina loved it!
We went to pick up dinner last night, and drove by the church where visitation was for Lauren, one of the girls that was killed in the VT shooting. There were at least 6 city police cars, and one state trooper car there. I didn't see any media vans, nor any protestors (I had read online that one of those wacko churches wanted to protest some of the funerals). I told DH if I saw any of them, he would have to hold me back. The funeral is today at 2:30, and then she will be buried in her native Oklahoma. It just tore me up inside though, and I started crying as we went by the church. I didn't know Lauren, or any of her just hits so close to home.....and no parent should ever have to bury their child, but no person should ever have to die like she did either. DS was home when we made it back, and I just grabbed him and hugged him, crying my eyes out! I think he thought his mom was cracked.

DH will spend this afternoon traveling with the pastor search team from church to the Eastern Shore of VA. They are meeting with a pastor candidate that seems to be interested in us, and us in him. I am praying that the Lord's will be done in the situation. DS and I are on our own. We may run up to Farm Fresh and get some shrimp for dinner....since they steam it and Old Bay it right there for us! It's $4.99 a lb this week, so that and maybe some steamed broccoli, that would be so GOOD.

No stitching last night. The race came on, and I was just so tired from being busy yesterday. We ended up in bed around 10:00! LOL I woke up to find out Jeff Gordon won the race (YEAH)! Tony came in second - DH was happy; Bobby Labonte finished in the top 10. Jr finished 19th and Kenny Wallace 40th. I wish Kenny could have one good race - he is so darn funny and I love him! LOL