Monday, March 12, 2007

Where'd the Weekend Go?

It was a busy weekend, but well worth the "busyness"! Friday DH and I spent here at home while contractors installed our new front entry and back doors. They look awesome...just need to be painted with exterior paint and then put the storm doors back on. Around there, the salt air does a number on the doors so we do keep storm doors on and also treated lumber goes around the doors too, but we do need to paint in order to seal everything up. We holed up in the computer room and I cleaned up my Mom's desk that I have, and organized my stash a bit. The dog is twerked because her full length windows on each side are GONE. We have 1/2 panels now on the door and the sidelights - but they are beveled, so it's difficult to see anything out of. We do get a nice prism effect when the sun comes up over the bay and the trees, and hits the glass...the living room kinda sparkles - well, it would if it wasn't so dusty! LOL We hope to get the doors painted and the storm doors installed Saturday, so the dog will at least have the storm door she can see out of!

Saturday we spent traveling I-95 to visit our nephew (pictures below for those that haven't seen the cutie). We had a good time with BIL/SIL and then went to the other BIL/SIL's house to see their nursery (baby due in June). We left in the afternoon and drove back home since DH had to teach Sunday School Sunday morning.

Sunday I was up early and went to the grocery store - it was 7:30 when I got there, and with the time change it was really 6:30 - what I was used to. I probably yawned a few times in the store, but at least I got that task out of the way. I was back home and DH was just in the shower. He went to Sunday School and I got laundry started. The afternoon was spent with laundry and watching the Nascar race - we were kinda tired from the car trip and one spot in my back ached like the dickens - so I didn't do much at ALL! I did pull out my Mirabilia Winter Queen, which I found on Friday while cleaning out the computer/stash room. I managed to put in a few hours on her, and I can definitely see progress there!

Today was back to work!! Whew!


Carol said...

Hi Suzanne! I actually live in Franklin. The framer I used is in Walter's on Rt.258 between Windsor and Franklin. I haven't got my pieces back yet so I can't testify to his work yet other than what I saw was great. If you wanted to try him out, from Hampton I would cross the JRB and head towards Smithfield. Get on Rt. 258 in Smithfield and stay on it until you get there. It's called Hollowell's Art Studio.