Monday, March 19, 2007

These are baby blankets that Jane (jrhboxers) made for my 2 nephews. The picture does NOT do these justice - I should have used the flash. The blanket on the left is for baby Cartney (yes, like Paul Mc), due in June. The one on the right is for baby Tristan (pictures below)!! Thanks again Jane, they are BEAUTIFUL and I know the babies and their moms will enjoy them! Jane is also making a quilt for Cartney - we picked out fabric Saturday and I don't know who is more excited, Jane or me! LOL She is so talented when it comes to quilting, stitching and well, just about anything needlework related. I am in AWE of her talents.

When cleaning out the computer/stash room, I came across my Mirabilia's Winter Queen, so I've been stitching on her the past 2 weekends. She's still headless, but here is the current progress - along with a picture of what she is supposed to look like. I've been working on the white and blue section on the right side (where the needle is) - that's all been done the past 2 Sundays - YEAH for Nascar races! That's when I get my BEST stitching done!

DS's Jeep still isn't fixed, but we have parts on the way. DS and V went to the junkyard and bought a rearend for $100. It was off a Jeep Cherokee, and doesn't fit, so they are taking it back. We did order a part from JCWhitney, and we are getting a set of bearings at Advance for it, and something for the brake. Once we get the part from JCWhitney (THE place for all things JEEP), then we will be good to get working on it again. Keeping my fingers crossed!