Sunday, February 25, 2007

Here is March Mayhem, a Pine Mountain All Tied Up pillow.

And here are the three I've completed so far in the series!

Yesterday was a real busy day around the house. DS and his friend V started out early getting the new desk set up, and moving the computer in DS's room. We had to make a run to Best Buy for a few necessities to move the computer and lo and behold, came home with a TIVO! LOL As I've said before, I LOVE TIVO, and you can't beat this deal. The 80 hour DVR was $219, with a $50 BB gift card (covered the other things we went for) I had Rewards Certs for $15, which brought the price to $204. There's a $170 rebate on the TIVO (already in the envelope to mail out). Basically, a free TIVO! V and I bought the TIVO, handed the GC to DS, who paid for his stuff with it and had $2 and change left over. DS is thrilled - as it's going in his room - and he can take it with him when he leaves home.

The bang bang shrimp I made didn't turn out quite like Bonefish Grill's. It was good, but I don't think the shrimp had completely thawed and I couldn't get the breading to stay on - which was probably a GOOD thing since breading is a lot of calories. But the sauce was really good, just like what we remembered. I need to work on the recipe a bit though (as DH says "paula it up"). LOL And the bang bang sauce...165 calories for 2 tablespoons, and 151 of them fat calories!!! Definitely not something to eat everyday! LOL

Oscar's tonight!! WOO I'll have to TIVO the pre-show, since I know the Nascar race won't be off by the time it starts.