Saturday, February 03, 2007

6 weird things about me

I was tagged by a Flamingo , so here are 6 weird things about me!

1. When I sneeze, it's usually not just one time...I usually sneeze 7 times. My family even goes so far as to count. If I sneeze 5 or 6 times, they say "nope, you have one more coming"!

2. I'm a lefty. But when playing softball, I bat the same way a right-handed person does, even though I throw left handed.

3. Instead of receiving the smallpox vaccine (I think that was the one) on my arm, like everyone else did, I got mine on my left upper thigh. Sadly over the years, it's moved DOWN my thigh, so it's more noticeable now than when I was little.

4. To avoid ironing, I will throw clothes back in the dryer and turn it on, to hopefully get the wrinkles out!

5. If I get really tickled and laughing, I make this funny "hic" sound - but it really has to be funny to get me laughing that hard. DH is usually the only one that can do it.

6. I don't really like to drive - if someone else is willing, I'll gladly go along. My commute to
work is 10-15 minutes, and that is long enough for me!

OK, that's it for me! Let me know 6 weird things about you!!


Sarah said...

I hate to drive too!! I'm so glad my DH drives much of the time.

I do the dryer thing too, nothing needs to be that wrinkle free, IMHO.