Tuesday, January 30, 2007


That was the "usual and customary" charge price on the prescription I picked up for my son today. For that price, it sure must be amazing stuff! Oh, and that's the generic brand too, not name brand. What's it for you ask? Acne. Granted DS has suffered way too long with it on his face. He has big breakouts and over the counter meds don't even touch it. His acne just laughs at OTC meds. When we took him to the dermatologist last week, his options were tetracycline or the "high test" meds. The doc said to skip over the conventional methods and go for the "high test". There are some disturbing rare side effects that CAN happen (depression) and we need to be on the lookout for mental/mood changes. The doctor did say that in his 20 years of prescribing, he has not had anyone experience these rare side effects.

Oh yes, this was for 60 pills. Now if I do my math correctly, that is over $10 a pill.
I'm just extremely THANKFUL for health insurance! My co-pay was $10. I just about danced out of the store!