Saturday, December 09, 2006

We usually put our Christmas tree in the front of the great room, but this year, we decided to put it off to the side and by the big picture window. Well, when we set it in the space, we realized that there wasn't any room for the angel topper!! So she gets to sit in a special place this year! But here's our tree, all decorated with the ornaments. The lights are turned on, but you can't really tell with all the light shining in. I loved looking back at the ornaments, some of them DS made when he was little. One special one, a reindeer made out of clothespins, Miss Betty helped him make when he was in her preschool class. She was the mom of my very good friend in high school, and she is no doubt doing crafts with kids in Heaven right now! Hers was usually the first Christmas card received in the mail. I do think of her at Christmas and miss her.

We are having a low key weekend really. DH and I ran a few errands this morning and I bought the fixins for chili. DS's GF is coming over tonight to watch Pirates of the Caribbean movie, so I have some snacks for them. My diet has been terrible the past 2 weeks. I'm just ~not~ in the losing frame of mind at the moment. I know come January I will be gang busters, but this is the time of year for yummy comfort food! yeah, excuses I know.