Sunday, December 10, 2006

My high school won the Division 5 State Championship yesterday in Football! CONGRATS to the Phoebus Phantoms!! GO blue and gold!!

DH and I went to the new BJ's yesterday with the in-laws. Only bought 2 items, milkbones for dog and a DVD, but did see a BUNCH of stuff I want to go back for once payday comes! They had some GREAT looking meats and veggies, plus a few Christmas items I'd really like to have for decorations.

On the way home, I mentioned to DH that the Downtown Christmas Parade started at 6:30, we hadn't been in years. He asked if I wanted to go and I said yes, so when we got home, DS called his GF, we packed chairs, blankets and the dog up, picked up K, and off we went. We didn't get where we wanted to sit (in the parking garage) but we did get right on the street, which was great I thought. Everyone else was cold....maybe because I had the hound and we were keeping each other warm?? The parade was AWESOME!! and at the very end...all the football players from Phoebus (fee-bus) were there with a banner that said "State Champions" and then the cheerleaders and the band!! WOO Even DH stood up and clapped for them, and he went to a rival school!

We were surprised that Nina dog did so well. I did get up and walk her over to a grassy area behind a bank so she could tinkle, but other than that....she did awesome!!! Several little kids came up and wanted to pet her and she did fine, although at one time I had 6 kids in front of me, and I could see by the look on her face she was a bit uncomfortable....she's not used to having lots of people around, plus fire engines, bands, etc. so I was really, REALLY proud of her. Plus, she does great riding in the car now, she doesn't get car sick at all anymore.