Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Boys Night Out...
The guys (DH, DS, V and co-workers son C) are all out at the "wrasslin" match tonight! WWE's Smackdown is in the house at the Hampton Coliseum. This is not DH's favorite side of wrestling, he prefers RAW, but wanted to support the efforts in hopes that they will come to our city more. Yeah...whatever....it sounded good when he said it! LOL DH asked for the tickets tonight...they were on the fridge, beside my Paula Deen tickets. I told him to make sure he picked up the right ones!! He said boy, wouldn't that be funny, seeing Paula Deen and wrestlers. He said just throw a stick of butter into the ring and let them go after it. I told him Paula would win!

So, Nina dog and I are home. It's a wonderfully quiet night. I don't even have the TV on. Lean Cuisine was for dinner, and I've wrapped some of the Christmas presents and am blog-surfing now. I just love to blog surf. Start out on one, click on another. The dog is curled up right under my chair - if I make one small roll, I will roll on her!

I do have some stitching I have GOT to work on. A group of us are putting together a quilt for Jessica Lunsford's family - my cross-stitched piece is due in by Dec. 31. It's 3/4 of the way done...I just need to finish the stitching and do the back stitching, which shouldn't take too long. I will post a picture when it's complete.