Friday, September 22, 2006

What a week! Monday was the "usual" Monday....getting back in the swing of the work week. Tuesday morning we received a page that our regulatory organization had arrived for the "unannounced" survey (every 3 years). We knew they were coming, just didn't know when. For a visit of 4 days.

Today was the last day and our portion to review files was held from 10:30 -12. The surveyor didn't quite finish, as he was looking at all the files we took in there....we were hoping for maybe 4-5, and then questions, but nope, he wanted to see all....although he was very nice and personable. We went back in after his lunch with leadership from about 1-2:15 or so. No recommendations from our portion were noted.

The entire hospital received a few recommendations, but overall, it was a HUGE success. We are accreditated for another 3 years!

Thursday was my birthday and it was basically a bust. With my schedule and DH's crazy work at the moment, well, the birthday was kinda lost in the shuffle. DH did get me a card. We plan on celebrating this weekend. I ordered a new set of cookware I had been that was my BD present...from me to me! LOL I ordered it Wednesday, it arrived TODAY!!

We've had the a/c off for the past few days, and the windows open. This morning it was 65 degrees in the house. DH said he was going out to the truck and turn the heat on to get warm! LOL I love to just snuggle under the covers and stay warm on mornings like this!!

Here's to a nice weekend!!! I sure could use a quiet one after this week!



Jenn said...

Oh how I hated JCAHO review.... I'm glad to hear that your facility scored so well!!

SunnySusan said...

Yeah Suz

Have a restfull weekend....