Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Up early again. With DH going back and forth to Richmond, he leaves around 5:30. He's worked up about today. Wound up tighter than a tick on a dog. I'm just READY for this class to be over! LOL

DS's Jeep is costing us big much so that we had to borrow some funds to take care of it. While we were borrowing, we took a bit extra to buy a new front door unit (door and 2 side lights) and a new back door. Ours are falling APART, and may as well do it now, before winter sets in. One thing about living by the bay, the breeze in the summer is nice, but the wind in the winter can be C O L D.

So, I need to stop by the bank and overnight deposit the check we received this morning, so it can be posted today.

Work is just clean up at this point. We are winding down on our last set of files and need to determine our next cycle. That will be done with the help of the main office, so it's kinda nice to go in to work right now! Tomorrow I go to the main office in Va Beach for most of the day, for meetings. It will be nice to see the gals over there.

I SERIOUSLY need to do something about my weight - I checked my online acct at WW, and I'm up 20 lbs from this time last year. 20 POUNDS - can you just Shoot me now! ~sigh~ It sure is a lot easier to put it on than it is to take it off!



Andrew & Dawn said...

You can do it Suz. 20 lbs. is doable - think of how much worse it could be! Start today! Dawn

SunnySusan said...

Like Dawn said you CAN do this...

shortoldlady said...

I hear you! Stress puts the pounds on. I'm a little more than you - but we can do it. I've started walking at lunchtime at work - for both my weight and my sanity! You can do it - keep posting!