Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sure wish I was in Hershey, with all the other stitchers! It's CATS (Creative Arts & Textiles Show) which is ALWAYS full of fun and memories. Along with stiching, shopping and eating! LOL

However, I'm in VA, on a cool autumn morning, with all my windows open, drinking a cup of English Breakfast tea. The dog just came back in from having her morning ritual, and barking a bit to let the neighbors know she is up and open for business!

Plans for today? Well, my house is an absolute wreck. I'm hoping to get it tidied up, have DH or DS vacumn for me, including the stairs as they have dog hair all over them!! Of course, no one else seems to notice it but me! I do have laundry to do and I think we need to make a run to Home Depot to pick up a few things. MIL wants to go to Curves this morning so she will be calling soon. This evening is a church fish fry to help the youth fund their mission trip next year. They have plans to go to Grenada next summer. DS is not interested in the mission trip, he is thinking more of college next August than a mission trip....and I guess that is OK! But, I do want to support the rest of the youth.

Speaking of church, I overheard a bit of conversation DH was having with the Pastor Search chair. From what I heard of the conversation, it would appear that the pastor they were interested in, has either found something else already, or doesn't want to pursue our church. So, not sure if that means they are back at square one, or if there are other candidates. January will be 2 years without a permanent pastor.

BIL called last night and has 4 tickets to the Redskins/Dallas game in November, and really GOOD seats. Looks like DH is going to get to go to a Redskins game this year. BIL wants the brothers to all go, since they haven't all been together at one. How cool is that!