Friday, August 11, 2006

Work has been crazy this week - I went back after vacation and by 9:00 on Monday I was wishing I was back ON vacation! LOL

Stitching: I've managed to get a few stitches in this week on the mermaids. My fabric for VoHRH finally showed up (along with the kreinik I needed for the mermaids)....and I went to Ben Franklin's tonight and bought the DMC. I can't afford to use the silks on the Village, since who knows if I will EVER complete all 12! LOL

Home: DH and I are going to tackle the computer room tomorrow. DS has made it his domain this summer, and I'm tired of the mess. So we are going to go thru and straighten and get organized.

I pulled a muscle in my back earlier this week, (or that's what the neurosurgeon who happened to walk into my office thinks - sometimes it HELPS to work at a hospital). So he told me instead of working out at Curves, to give that a break for a few weeks (really!) and do some walking. A pulled muscle can take several weeks or longer to really heal properly.