Sunday, August 06, 2006

It's good to go on vacation, but it is SO GOOD to come home!

We had a great time. Arrived on Saturday, traffic was bad of course. The house was right across the road from the beach access. A great location! Headed over Saturday afternoon to the beach, water was C.O.L.D. According to the life guard, it was due to "upwelling" where the western winds push the hot water out and the cold water comes rising to the top. On a positive note, if the winds change around, the water temp can rise fast (hold that thought).

Sunday we go over to the beach again, still cold water. Manage to get some sun. BIL/SIL arrive in the afternoon. We flew kites and enjoyed the beach as the sun was setting. Cooler than in the day and it was just fun.

Monday we hit some of the stores, BIL wanted to find an internet cafe, (he did) and SIL painted pottery while he surfed the net. DH and I hit up a few stores ourselves, found him a gaudy pair of shorts. LOL Monday afternoon we hit the beach up again, and the water was near PERFECT. I even went in (and I don't like the water). There were waves and I managed to get munched twice and lost my sunglasses. But it was still fun. BIL cooked steaks for us that evening and they were awesome.

Tuesday MIL/FIL came down for the day. We ended up going to visit a great uncle of DH's. BIL/SIL left to go to Ocracoke island for a few days. Around 3:00 pm we headed over to the beach and the water again was darn near perfect. DS ended up getting munched and his friend V accidently hit DS in the side of the head. DS was done for the day, said his ear hurt and he couldn't hear out of it.

Wednesday DS's ear isn't any better, so off we go the Urgent Care Center. Lo and behold he has a busted ear drum. DS has suffered from ear issues since he was a baby anyway, had 2 sets of tubes, etc. Unfortunately the Outer Banks doesn't have a Rite-Aid drug store, so off we go to Eckerd...who proceeds to lose our 2 prescriptions in the space of an hour and a half, and then tries to give me someone elses prescription, same last name, different first name, although the first names does start with a "C", same as DS's. ~sigh~

Thursday is my beach day. I told DH I was going to the beach, plopping my fat behind down, and not moving! LOL The water was C.O.L.D. again, and stayed that way! We had 2 perfect days to get in the water, all the other days were too cold, even though temps were 100.

Friday, DS and V went 4 wheeling. They also hit up the fishing pier Thursday evening. They did fish several evenings while we were there.

DH bought a kite and enjoyed in the evening going over to the beach and flying it. We had a wonderful relaxing time, but it is SO GOOD to be home again and getting doggie kisses. I don't know who missed each other more, me missing her, or her missing us!