Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy Father's Day to my Dad, wonderful DH, and FIL!! Ya'll are the most wonderful Father's in the world!!!

We have the 2 BIL/SIL's in this weekend from N. VA. They have been at the beach today, DS went with them. Everyone is coming over for a cookout this evening. My bet is everyone is going to be wiped out from the beach (and the DRIVE). Not that it's far, but from Virginia Beach and back thru the tunnel s.u.c.k.s. this time of year! LOL

DS gets his wisdom teeth out Monday. He has elected to not be "knock me out, wake me up when it's over", much to my dismay! LOL He has some good drugs to take before and afterwards though!

No stitching here lately for me, been keeping up with the diet, Curves (3x this week), and the scale is looking AWESOME - I just need to NOT overeat this weekend - like I usually do. Maybe I can get some stitching in Monday afternoon since we will be home and DS will likely be sleeping!

Need to run get a few things done before everyone gets here!