Thursday, March 30, 2006

What a Meme!
Start with your birth year using Google Image Search and choose a picture you like. Then do the same thing using your birthdate. Share them with us.

My year:

The Beatle's - Shake it Up Baby now, shake it up baby....TWIST and SHOUT, come on and twist and shout....

what else is there to say about the Beatle's!!!

For my birthdate - I found this:

Astronaut Deke Slayton
September 21, 1964: Deke Slayton, fellow Mercury astronaut and director of flight crew operations for NASA, drafts a memorandum to the Procurement and Contracts Division of NASA, stating the need for a standard flight crew wrist chronograph for all NASA astronauts:
A requirement exists for a highly durable and accurate chronograph to be used by Gemini and Apollo flight crews as an essential adjunct, or as a backup for spacecraft timing devices and for accomplishing time critical operations and experimental tests. In order to select a chronograph which best meets our overall requirements, it is necessary to accomplish a comparative evaluation of the better quality "off the shelf" chronographs under realistic operational conditions. The evaluation will take place during such flight crew training programs as the Gemini Mission Simulators, during spacecraft and other flight equipment testing in the altitude chambers, egress and recovery exercises, planetarium reviews, and during the first two manned Gemini flights. The evaluation will be of the basic "off the shelf" items; however, an analysis will also be made of any additional features and/or modifications that may be required.
It is highly desirable that we commence with this evaluation at an early date so that a standard flight crew chronograph can be obtained prior to the longer duration Gemini flights and the Apollo flights. The evaluation items should be available during the preflight training for the first two manned Gemini flight crews, which are now in progress. On this basis, quotations from various chronograph manufacturers meeting the specifications as listed in analogue 1, Statement of Specifications, should be reviewed by this organization by October 21, 1964. Immediately subsequent to this date, it is our intent to purchase locally at least one of each brand that meets, or very nearly meets, these specifications. Off the shelf chronographs which very nearly meet the specifications may be considered if they, in other regards, surpass the overall specifications. The manufacturer in this case may choose to reply to the request for quotations, however, NASA-MSC will make the determination as to whether or not the chronograph will be subsequently evaluated. It is estimated that a total of twelve chronographs are required for evaluation purposes.
/s/ Donald E. Slayton