Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mini Vacation!

Why is it that in order to get 2 extra days off work, you have to work like a DOG beforehand? Whew! I managed to get out of work Wed pm by 6:00, but man, am I tired! LOL

Today should be nice though. Looks as if the weather will cooperate, and it's going to be nice and sunny. DH is off work too. I think we will send DS off to school, and then sit on the deck with a Diet Coke for DH and an Iced tea for me and watch the world go by for awhile. This time of year the birds are chirping, and the ducks and geese are flying by, honking away!

Tomorrow, DH and I may run down to the Outer Banks for the day. We haven't made definite plans, but it would be nice! We've rented a house for a week this summer, I would like to check it out, maybe have lunch somewhere and sit on the ocean for awhile, then come back. It's only about 2.5 hours away, so not a real long drive.

DH also needs some new clothes, so we need to go shopping at some point. He has a business trip coming up that he needs to look sharp at, so may as well get him started - he HATES to clothes shop! This should be fun!! LOL