Sunday, March 26, 2006


Here is the quilt square I finished for Autumn's Cow Quilt! LOL It's the musical cow (in case you couldn't tell) LOL Now for me to just get it mailed out to her....along with needing to mail the square for Laura's quilt too!!

Today I've been stitching on Mermaids of the Deep Blue. It feels so good to be stitching on a Mirabilia again. What also feels good is the fact that have had TWO finishes this year...both for other people!!

We went to see the Larry the Cable guy movie yesterday. It was funny as expected, although I thought the story line was a bit poor. DS went back today with a friend. He and his GF broke up and he's been moping a bit, although I think he's coming around!! ;-) So I'm glad he's had a few guys to hang with this weekend and work on their cars and stuff.



Kelley said...

That little cow is so cute!

Susanne said...

It must be a bad month for relationship stuff - Ive seen quite a few blogs reference this... hmmm

And, I LOVE the cow!! I really wish I could stitch :-)