Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Why is it everytime I go to highlight my words to change the font color, I lose what I've typed.....really p i s s i n g me off!

Lost another post....let's see what I can remember

Work: Mini vacation for Me!

My boss is on vacation this week! To say I'm estatic is an UNDERSTATEMENT! He just creates such *Drama* when he is here! I know his boss sees it, but I think she's just waiting for him to hang himself.....I just don't want to be part of the fall, if ya know what I mean!

Weight: Down 2.6 lbs this week! Would have been more, but I hit up the chocolate (pre-TOM). Feeling good today, I had a GOOD workout last night at Curves, plus I've started taking Vitamins, which seem to be helping me.

Stitching: Put in another hour on Mermaids of the Deep Blue last night. This is stitching up so nicely, I'm so glad I picked the fabric I did. Will try and post a pic this weekend, as I hope to get in stitching time.

Family: DS is taking SAT's this Saturday. Can't believe he's old enough to be going thru this!! His Jeep is in for an alignment today. As I handed over the ATM card.....I said "get a job". LOL He's contemplating one....but hasn't made any moves just yet. We do have a new hardware store opening up close to us, and I think he's interested in applying there.



SunnySusan said...

Great job on the weight loss.

Working is always easier when the boss is away....ha ha