Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Us!!

22 years ago today I married my sweetie! We have grown up together (literally) we started "going together" when we were 13 or so (I think I was 13, he was 12). -g-

We've had many more good times than bad, and I truly feel blessed to have married a man that loves me unconditionally, puts up with my mood swings, my impulses, and my loads of stash laying around! Yes, I put up with things from him too, but that's what marriage is about, isn't it? We trust each other and neither is a control freak. He doesn't tell me what I can do and when and who I can see either.....and I'm the same way.

Here's to us babe! and many more years together!!!!



SunnySusan said...

What a wonderful pic

Congrats on 22 years together