Tuesday, October 04, 2005

MIL's dog passed away last night! Welcome to Rainbow Bridge Tony!

Day 2 of being OP, and I finally weighed in - up 3 lbs from my low! WOO I can get that off! AND .... drumroll please...... I made it to a workout at Curves! YAHOO Even took MIL with me, even though I know she didn't feel like it, but I think it did her some good.

Plus, DH weighed in, and he's already down 2 lbs since Saturday (probably more, he weighed about 3:00 in the afternoon)!

I'm not EVEN discussing work though. I think that's what has prompted me to get off my BUTT and get moving again......at least I can vent my frustrations on the machines at Curves!

Stitching on Emerald Mermaid...........hoping to get it done by the wedding.......think they would mind if I gave it to them UNframed?? LOL



Jenn said...

"I didn't want to dictate where you would display this by selecting the matte and frame, nor did I want to risk clashing with your decor..." Works every time for me!!! LOL