Monday, August 15, 2005


These dang weddings are costing a fortune!

So far, for the one in Sept:
$50 for a shower gift
$65 for a dress for me (I had a $50 GC, so it was really $105 for the dress)
$160 for a suit for DS
$145 for tux rental for DH

still need:
shoes, socks, white dress shirt, tie for DS
shoes for me
$ for a wedding gift

The wedding in October will be:
$ for helping with the rehearsal dinner
$ for 2 tux rentals
$ for a suit for me probably, but none of my dress clothes fit (too big..Nice)
$ for gifts

who knows what else! LOL

This is the second time around for the BIL's (both), so hopefully there won't be a next time! LOL