Thursday, March 24, 2005


I know I should consider myself grateful that DH has a good paying job....really, I know how difficult jobs are to come by these days, especially with decent pay...he doesn't have a college degree, but he does OK. It never seems enough, but we do squeak by.

Starting in April, for 7, count em SEVEN freaking weeks, DH will be traveling... sometimes on Sunday, including Mother's Day, he will be leaving to travel. Some are day trips, others are overnights, Mondays - Thursdays, etc......I am SO OVER IT and it hasn't even gotten here yet!!!!!

These are mostly classes to teach. He's NOT the only instructor that can teach Autocad or Inventor. The gal who does his schedule is in Nebraska, we are in Virginia. I don't think she realizes that to go from Norfolk to Washington DC is oh, at least 3.5 hours on a GOOD day. I think she thinks it's an hour away or something.

DH won't say anyone....not to her, or his boss. It just pisses me off. I feel if he won't take a stand, no one will ever know. Sure he will crab around the house for days cause he HATES to travel, so the weekends he is home, or the days, he'll be really good company.

I'm just OVER IT.