Monday, February 07, 2005

Whew! What a busy weekend! We ended up having family come in town, so took time to clean the house....and they didn't even come over. Which was OK with me, and I got my house clean to boot!

We did go out to dinner with them to Cracker Barrel on Saturday night! It was good. I worked on income taxes, and we owe Federal :( I had a good refund coming, then had to add in a 1099 of DH's....WAAAAAH

One good thing was I had a great opportunity to stitch on Alhambra Garden! I am working on one section, trying to get it completed except for beads, and it is coming along nicely!! I can't wait to see it all come together.

Still no word on my fabric for MVIII.........~sigh~ I guess I'll just resign myself to being behind.

We watched a lot of the Super Bowl coverage yesterday. I didn't even go to church. Neither one of us cared about who won, but the game was good. I wasn't impressed with many of the commercials....although the AB one where all the animals come to the horse barn, and when the barn door is opened, the Clydesdales look out, and then the guy looks down at the donkey and says "this is all your fault"....that was cute! LOL

Gonna hit up Curves on the way home today...I have GOT to get some weight off before the big wedding in September!