Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Target - I just LOVE the store! I can go in there and browse for hours on end if I had time. I had to take DS to get some new clothes, he has outgrown of course I pick up a "few" things! I needed a new scale, so now DH and I can weigh ourselves and keep an eye on our progress. (Scales were on sale this week). I bought me a foot spa, cause I really want to get another pedicure, but can do them myself (cheaper)...and the foot spa was $19.99, which a pedicure around here is $20 not including tip. I'm justifying saving $$! LOL

NEWAY...$$$ later, DS is happy with clothes, I'm happy with my purchases. Thank goodness for payday weeks! LOL

The truck was fixed yesterday. They put in a new chip. Cost all of $22 and some change. We will see if this works or not. They said if not, they would get one from the dealer (please let this one work)!

We had some unfortunate news last night, that our pastor has resigned. I will write more later on the subject, once I can get my emotions around it. DH and I are upset over the fact he resigned....and my MIL was a BIG part of him doing so. Again, I will write more, but I'm afraid right now I would probably say something I'd regret later on!