Sunday, January 23, 2005

BRRRR A cold night we had last night. Around 10 pm we lost power. The sky outside was lit up all colors of blues, greens, silver, etc... I was wondering if a bomb had went off! DH said Al-Qaeda is attacking (yeah right)... But it was a power substation about 3 miles from home that caught fire. Luckily we had a portable TV left over from hurricane Isabel, and I make sure to have a stock of batteries on hand we could watch the news.....Breaking News at 11 pm!! So we were able to find out what was going on. Around 16,000 were without power last night. My in-laws had theirs restored about 3 am! If I'd known that I'd have been over there! LOL

We slept upstairs, but around 5 am it was really COLD and the wind was just howling, so we trudge downstairs and DH gets a fire going in the fireplace. No blower though, so it's warm just around the fire....OK I can handle that. Here comes DS to join in, and then the dog decides it's playtime!

Luckily we got power around noon today. When it came back on, the temp was sitting at 62 degrees inside. Not too bad, but I need it WARMER!

DH had already left, he had to drive to Baltimore today for a test and meeting tomorrow. So he felt like a real butt leaving us without power, but what else could he do. Our phone went out sometime during the night too, so he stopped by his parents on the way out and found they had power. Luckily I walked by the phone and picked it up on a whim, found a dialtone again, and called over there while he was still there. Called the power company and they said estimated time of restoration was 3:30 pm today, so I knew ours was coming. At least we can watch the football games now! LOL

We have just a dusting of snow, it's really, REALLY COLD out, and the wind is howling. The water on the bay is extremely rough. It's a good day to stay inside, stay warm, and stitch.

I've been working on Alhambra Garden, and did get some in this morning while everyone was sleeping. The skylights gave me some light to stitch by, so I took advantage of it.

Stay safe, and stay WARM