Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Setting Goals

Here it is, the big, bad and ugly.
Dec. 2011, Family vacation to Disney World

I think I had lost about 10 pounds from my highest weight of 215.  I was around 205 here.  Not a happy person - unhappy with my work environment and stressed to the max over anything work related. Not that my employer was the cause of my weight gain, but the stress of the environment didn't help.  I would come home, and just be mentally exhausted from all that was going on. When I think back over the years, in Dec. 1983, when DH and I were married - my wedding dress was a size 5 - A SIZE 5!!! I couldn't get one leg in a size 5 today! Birth control pills added 20 lbs, infertility stress added more weight, being a  (finally) new mom, plus having a career - no time for ME, the death of a parent, the remarriage of my Dad 3 quick months after my Mom passed.....then the fabulous 40's hit, and MORE weight gain.  LIFE and me not taking care of myself is what did it.  I was wearing size 18 pants and XXL shirts.

 Here I am today:
At 180 lbs - still not where I want to be....but, I'm getting there.  I'm MUCH happier -  I'm working on ME, taking time for ME.  I have a new employer and a job I love.  Family still has it's ups and downs, but I find if I put ME near the top of the list - then everything else will fall into place.

Over the past year, I actually got down to 171 lbs.  I use a Fitbit to track my exercise throughout the day, and I use (I use the iPhone app) to track my eating.  It syncs with my Fitbit so I don't have to worry about adding in my exercise, it automatically does that when I come home from work and pass my by computer.  I'm now in size 14 pants and size L shirts.  I have gotten rid of/donated/given away all of my size 16 and 18 pants, skirts, dresses and my tops/blouses.  I did keep one pair of size 18 pants, and I put them on occasionally.  That is one way I can see my weight loss - in pictures, I don't see it as much. 

I've joined the 8 week New Year's Weight Loss Challenge over at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans - and partnered up with my friend Mel.  She has always been an inspiration to me and I am honored to be partnered with her for this challenge.  Our team name is FitBy50.  I have 21 months until I turn 50 years old (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN).....and I want to be healthier so I can enjoy the rest of my life.

My goals for the next 8 weeks are:

1. Track my food - ALL of it....the good, the bad and the ugly if there is any.  I have my Power Foods from Weight Watchers that I use, and an old Weight Watchers program that I refer back to...I just don't convert it all to points - I enter what I eat into MyFitnessPal....hey, it's FREE!
2. Walk at least 10,000 steps a day - Track via my Fitbit. I have a walking partner at work, and we have been slackers at walking lately.  I've already sent her a text message to "bring your walking shoes" tomorrow, as it's her first day back at work from the holidays.  Between my walk to/from the parking garage and then if we get in 25-30 minutes at lunch, I'm almost at my 10,000 just with that. 
3. Reacquaint myself with my treadmill.  I SO enjoy walking outside.  But, when the time changed and it started getting dark BEFORE I got home, well, there went my evening walks.  Since we do have a treadmill, I will turn on Pandora on my iPhone and get in a good 30 - 45 minute walk.
4. Fit-Abs calendar - The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans has a Fit-Abs Calendar for January.  The first week looks easy, then it gets harder :)  I have the "tire" around my middle, so any help in that area is a PLUS.
5. Lunch - brown bag it.  I eat at my desk, so we can walk (see #2 above).  I eat healthier when I brown bag, plus it's a LOT cheaper.
6. Weight loss - for the first 8 weeks, I would love to get back down to where I was in the fall - around the 171 mark.  Then, as the days get longer, and we have more daylight - I can start incorporating longer walks along the beach and outside.

After the 8 weeks, I'll update and put my goals for the rest of the year......I'm giving serious consideration to running a 5K.  In order to do that, I will have to work on ME a lot.....physically and mentally.  I would much rather be "behind the scenes" rather than out in public for all to see.  It took a LOT for me to post those two pictures above.  I HATE, HATE, HATE having my picture taken.  I see all the imperfections and fat rolls.  Even now, with today's picture - I'm not happy with it.  But, I'm putting it out there.  Working on ME and trying to accept ME for who I am.


Carol said...

I love My Fitness Pal! I need to work harder on my daily entries! I just told DH last night that I would love to have a goal of running in a half-marathon and he just laughed!