Saturday, September 24, 2011

I have a confession to make....but I'll get to that in a bit.

I wanted to show you this painted buoy that one of the gals in the neighborhood painted. When DH and I would fly kites on the beach, our sweet girl Nina used to run and chase after them. I had taken numerous pictures of her doing this, and I gave one to our artist neighbor to see if she could paint me a buoy with Nina on it.

One of the 0riginal picture's I sent:

The artist rendition:

(crappy light I know). I actually had this done before Nina passed away, but it just means so much more to me now. Even though we have Lexi, I still miss my old girl.

Now for the confession - I haven't stitched in months...MONTHS I tell ya! Just have NOT been "in the mood" or "the mood hasn't hit me", as my grandma used to say. This has really been a rough year - With my father-in-law's health at the end of last year, and then Nina's cancer, surgery and passing. Then with my job change and Nate moving out this year. I have been in a bit of a funk (and yes, I had a breakdown in the doctor's office when she asked "how are you doing"- and I now have a wonderful little happy pill to keep me sane).

I think the cooler weather, the return of something to watch on TV in the evenings, and my "happy pill" have given me the urge to pick up my stitching again. I have been working on Shores of Hawk Run Hollow FOREVER it seems (my stitching buddy, Susan, has long left me in the dust and completed her Shores already).

I have pulled it out from the depths of my stitching bag, set up the Ott light, and am getting ready to put it back on my q-snaps. Before doing so, I snapped a few pictures. Here is the block I'm working on:

and where the entire project is:

Let's see how far I get this winter on it!


Susan said...

Hi, Suz!

Even though I have finished Shores, I will be here to cheer for you in the background as you work on it!

I'm sorry that you've been in a funk. {{{hugs}}} - you definitely have had a lot on your plate, and yay for happy pills - I don't know where I would be without me.

That buoy is gorgeous!!!! What a wonderful daily reminder of Nina.

Lee said...

The buoy is really neat! What a great way to remember your pet.

I think we all go through these times with stitching - or with any hobby, for that matter. Then one day the desire comes back to us and we pick up our stitching again and realize how much we missed it. Your "mojo" will come back, too!

Anonymous said...

You go, Suzanne! I love the block you're working on.

Bee Jay said...

Your "Shores" is coming on just fine - it'll still be there for you to work on when the mood hits. What a talented person your artist friend is - love the painting of your beloved Nina! Blessings!