Thursday, July 02, 2009

Yes, I realize I've been seriously negligent in blog posting lately. I've discovered Facebook however, and am keeping up with some of my stitching buds and other folks there. It's seriously addicting! LOL

Since, DH is in Virginia Beach and will be stuck in this HUGE MESS this afternoon, I thought I'd do a blog post.

Work is crazy busy as ever. We are in the middle of a reappointment cycle and are trying to get applications in as well as processed in the timeframe we have. DH's work is busy, although his company went thru a 20% layoff again last week. He lost some good friends in that layoff, but thankfully he still has a job. DS's job is going GREAT. He had his 30 day evaluation this week, was told he was AMAZING, had surpassed their expectations, and they want to make him a full time employee with benefits as soon as possible. Not sure what their timeframe is on that (he already works full time but is a temporary employee) hopefully at 90 days they will make him permanent.

We've been interviewing youth directors at church. We have found an interim, but no permanent person yet. Well, we have one in mind, and some of us want to give her more hours and pay, others don't, and we don't know what the church would we are in limbo right now over that. It's always something. Some people don't want to step out on faith. SOMETIMES you have to do that.

My Tastefully Simple business is going well. I sold $1800 last quarter. The new quarter started July 1, and I already have $255 towards my $400 per quarter needed to stay active. I have 3 parties so far in July, plus a fundraiser for a group at work. In September the fall/winter products come out, so I'm planning a fall/winter kick-off party to sample those.

We don't have a lot of plans for the holiday weekend. Some beach time, hopefully some stitching time, Nascar race and church, but just laying low. It will be nice to have a quiet weekend - or quieter than normal!

Have a safe and happy 4th!


Susan said...

Maybe some time to stitch on Shores? I'm hoping to get mine out over the weekend.

Enjoy your holiday!

Carol said...

Facebook is fun and addictive, isn't it?! The race was so awesome! I love a good old fashioned finish, especially when KB does not win! lol