Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Dad's wife has this gorgeous butterfly bush out in their yard. I fell in love with it once when I was at their house at it was in full bloom. Back in April of this year, I stopped off at a local nursery and bought 2 of the bushes for my yard. One of them has just taken off and is growing like crazy...... here's a picture of one of the blooms. I LOVE how purple it is.

The other bush hasn't grown as much - it's not that far away from the other bush, so who knows. While the purple bush has lots of blooms, this one is just starting out, and is only about half as big as the other. It's definitely a different color, which is fine.

I can't wait to see how big these 2 will grown this year! Then of course, I will have to trim them back so they can do it all over again next year! LOL


Bee Jay said...

I wonder if these two shrubs are in fact different varieties of the same plant. Nature sure is interesting at times isn't she? Keeps us guessing.