Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Weekend! It's gorgeous here today! I just LOVE where we live - well, I could go for a bit of snow in the winter, but this time of year, it's wonderful.
MIL and I had to run to Bed, Bath and Beyond this morning for a wedding shower gift (shower is tomorrow after church). I could do some serious damage to my bank account in that store. LOVE IT! DH and DS went to what I thought was going to be DS's softball games. DH ended up playing too, which I was surprised at, but pleased too. He needs to get out and get more exercise. We actually met on our church softball team back in the day, and we have both spent many a day out on softball fields.
I'm trying to get some household chores done - laundry and things put where they below. Why and how do things always seem to get out of place? LOL
Not much else going on really. Work has been really nice the past few weeks. I have my Blast Off Party for Tastefully Simple NEXT weekend, so I'm in the process of planning prep for it. My SIL has already booked a party in May, so I'm hoping to get a few parties booked through the summer months.
Tonight is the Nascar race, so I'm hoping to fix a few wings and maybe, just *maybe* pick up my stitching.