Monday, September 01, 2008

I'm still around, just not blogging lately. Work has been busy, plus I've been getting DS ready for back to college. He still lives at home, but had to get registered for classes, books and supplies purchased, clothes shopping, etc. That's been the past few weeks. He has classes Monday and Wed evening, then Tuesday's and Thursdays during the day and evening. It's a bit of a weird schedule - hour to hour and 15 minute classes, so he comes home on Tuesday's and Thursday's after his first class, then goes back around 4:00. He's been to classes this past week, and seems positive about all of them. I'm thrilled with his choices and hope this positive attitude continues.

DH and I have had a nice long weekend. He's been off work since Thursday, and then we both had Friday off. He spent Friday working out in the yard, it looks great. I worked around the house just tring to get things picked up and put away. We have family coming in this coming weekend (unless Hanna decides to make a visit), so there's things to be done! LOL

Today I'm working on laundry, and the in-laws are coming over for dinner. We are grilling chicken and having a few fixin's. We're watching the news about Hurricane Gustav, and just taking it easy. The dog and I went for a nice walk on the beach this morning though. She had a vet visit Saturday and the vet said she needs to lose a few pounds.....(don't we all) LOL

No updates on my stitching. I worked a bit this weekend on the Little House Neighborhood. Today is "Shores" SAL and I need to decide which block I'm going to start stitching next.