Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Shores of Hawk Run Hollow - current progress pic
I put time in on this Sunday afternoon (to make up for not stitching on it last Monday), and stitched a bit more on it last night. I must say, I'm really getting tired of the colors in this block. LOL


Susan said...

You’re making great progress, Suz!

I’m afraid that I’m falling further and further behind. We had a major thunderstorm (and tornado warnings) on Monday night, which took out our power. The power didn’t come back on until midnight last night, so there was no stitching to be done on Monday or Tuesday. Tonight is the only day this week in which I’ll be able to stitch – tomorrow night is out – I have to get an early night because I start work at 3am on Friday… One day, I hope that I can catch up.