Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Each of us in the house have stayed up late each night watching Michael Phelps in the Olympics. Sunday night I was up until midnight! We were all yelling at the TV when the men's team were swimming the 4 x 100 relay. What a race!
DS and DH are at wrestling tonight, so I have the house to myself! I'm working on Shores (was supposed to stitch on it last night, but we ended up having unexpected company drop by). I'm trying to get the anchor completed tonight in my square.
On another stitching note - I had set up the magnifyer on my Ott light. We came home yesterday and it looked like a part of the leather on the couch had been burned. DH deducted that the way the magnifyer was set, along with the way the sun came in the skylight overhead, was the cause of it. WOW!!! I do have to agree with his assessment, but HOW scary is that???? So, now I have a nice 3 inch hole in the arm of my couch, and it's NOT repairable that I can tell. I'm thankful that the whole couch didn't catch on fire.


staci said...

The relay was exciting wasn't it?!?! Wow, so sorry about your couch but I guess it could've been so much worse!

Karin said...

Glad you caught the fire before too long!